Homestead Livestock Series


A Straightforward Beginner's Guide

Are You Thinking of Keeping Chickens But Don't Know Where to Start?

This Beginner’s Chicken-Keeping Guide Will Help You

Get Started -Who to Talk to Before You Get Chickens.

  • Decide Which Chicken Breed or Breeds To Get Based On the Characteristics That You Are Looking For In A Chicken.

  • To Find Or Purchase Your First Flock

  • To Find Feed Dealers

  • To Find Everything You Need To Set Up Your Brooder and Your Coop.

  • To Care for Your Chicks

  • Integrate Your Chicks If You Already Have An Existing Flock.

  • To Manage Your Chicken Litter and More!

Buy this book and get started today!

E-Book $3.99
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